So many of us dream of living a healthy lifestyle… lose weight, eat better, make our own hours, work from anywhere, be our own boss, make a significant income. Sounds great. Why do so many fail?

My site is about my own personal journey towards living this life. Here, I will discuss food, supplements, working out, focus and ways to become better in all aspects of life.

Visit often, send me your thoughts and comments.

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14 thoughts on “PATRICK LAVIN online”

    1. Hi Joseph

      Thanks for your reply. I am planning on being one of the successful ones! As someone recently told me…the only ones who don’t make are the ones that stopped.

  1. Hi Patrick,
    Very true , tremendous action will take you there. its all up to you. its not the courses or the fancy software. it is just you my friend. With this blog you have started the process and continuing it will take you where you want to be.


    Mukesh Tanna

    1. Mukesh

      I love the positive tone of your reply. So many times I hear things like “this program doesn’t work” when really what doesn’t work is the person themselves! Keep up the positivity!!!

  2. Oh yeah Patrick… It’s all about your why. If why you’re doing what your doing becomes a passion there’s no room for failure. I wish you the best on your journey.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hello Patrick…
    Sounds like you have a wonderful plan ahead of yourself…

    Go for it!! It’s all about the choice’s we make in life, right?

    Wishing you all my best

  4. Hi Patrick

    Well, I shouldn’t have been surprised that your site is about health – you are the picture of good health and fitness. That’s something that I’ve neglected… so I guess that means I really need to come back! All the best.

    1. Hi Lauretta

      It has taken me a while to get to this point about writing about health and fitness. When I first started exploring online I was so focused on trying to be financially successful I forgot about what I was truly passionate about. QSC has been an inspiration. Thank you for the complement, but EVERYONE is capable of great things…and that is unique to all.

    1. Oggie

      More than anything the community of the Quick Start Challenge is inspiring. So many stories of people in the same boat, sharing their struggles, advice and triumphs. Half way home, but don’t want it to end. I am furiously FB friending people so that we can stay in tough long after the QSC is over.

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